Jeff is currently offering private instruction in the following areas:

  • Drumset
  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Music Production/Engineering


Jeff is currently accepting students of all ages and in all levels of proficiency. Beginners can expect a fun, dynamic and informational curriculumn that provides a comprehensive foundational understanding of the instrument. Intermediate and advanced players will find much value in studies with Jeff by continually advancing their proficiency on the instrument as well as achieving their career goals.

Jeff uses a structured approach that is customized for each student based on proficiency level as well as short and long-term goals. Moreover, Jeff actively measures progress with each student with regard to said goals, ensuring that the current program of study is appropriate.

View of Studio Jeff's studio is designed so that drumset students get the most out of each lesson. With various drumkit configurations, different genres of music are represented and students are exposed to the appropriate equipment, drum tuning and cymbal selection. In addition, the studio is outfitted as a professional recording studio, offering the ability to make professional recordings of lessons as well as offer a unique curriculum for students interested in learning more about performing in a recording session environment.

Music Theory and Ear Training

Jeff also has over 12 years of theory and ear training tutoring experience and is currently offering private tutoring in these areas. Topics of study include:

  • -Major/Minor Scales, Modes
  • -Chord Progressions, Chord Scales, Modal Interchange, Tensions
  • -Harmonic Analysis in the Jazz Idiom
  • -Harmonic Rhythm
  • -Melodic, Harmonic and Rhythmic Dictation

Music Production/Engineering

Jeff's studio provides the environment and equipment for study in the field of music production/engineering. With nearly 20 years of recording session experience as performer, producer or engineer, Jeff has amassed a unique skillset and perspective that represents both sides of the glass. Jeff offers a wealth of knowledge in many areas of the recording arts including:

  • -Acoustics
  • -Mic Placement
  • -Equalization
  • -Dynamics Processing
  • -Mixing
  • -Project Production

Jeff also has extensive experience in the following software programs and can provide tutoring therein:

  • -Logic
  • -Pro Tools
  • -Reason
In-Studio Lessons

In-Home Lessons